What if the casino refuses to pay out the winnings?


What if the casino cancels the payment to the player?

First of all, you need to make an effort (just a little) and try to avoid such a situation by choosing a reliable online casino to play.

But the easiest option is to familiarize yourself with the rating of reliable online casinos.

If, nevertheless, the situation with the refusal to withdraw funds has occurred, you must not panic.

And follow these steps:

  • Ask a question in support of the casino, on what basis the payment was canceled. And save the answer by taking a screenshot.
  • Further, if you do not agree with the decision of the casino (and, most likely, you will), find this casino and publish a complaint.
  • Any adequate online casino is always ready to give an intelligible answer to the player on the basis of which the withdrawal of funds was refused.

Note that casinos sometimes (quite rarely) but still make concessions to players, contrary to their own rules. Example: a player accidentally exceeded the maximum bet when playing with bonus funds. A loyal casino can turn a blind eye and withdraw funds.

In what cases does the casino fail to pay out funds?

There can be a large number of reasons for refusals to pay, but the most common are:

  • The player did not pass the account verification;
  • The account was deposited using a payment method not owned by the player;
  • Violation of bonus rules.
  • Output

In order not to be in a situation where the https://parimatch-casino-bd.org/ refuses to pay out the winnings, the player must carefully read the rules of the casino. Registration at the casino automatically means that the player agrees with them in full.

You also need to choose only reliable establishments, whose reliability rating is formed by APC and other players. An excellent indicator is the presence of an official representative on the forum. He will always help resolve the issue, before the player makes a complaint.