What are corridors in betting?


Rules of corridors in sports betting

On the example of totals. You need to choose two opposite bets on the same event, which will overlap each other. For example, the total more than 3,5 and the total less than 4,5. If at the end of the match the total is less than 3, the first bet loses, and the second bet wins because 3 is less than 4.5. The loss of one of the bets is compensated by the victory of the second bet and the loss will not be large.

But if, for example, the total will be 4, then two bets win at once. There is a concept of "getting into the corridor" which is exactly the case when two outcomes win at the same time. This is where the "beauty" of the tactic lies. Corridors is a strategy in parimatch online which the loss will not be large, and the winnings will be much larger than the made forecasts. There is also the concept of "corridor coefficient" - it is the ratio between winning when getting into the corridor, to losing in case of failure.

How to find corridors

To find corridors, you need to find 2 bets that will meet these conditions:

  • Winning one of the bets for any outcome of the event;
  • The odds should have such values at which the player will have an opportunity to distribute bets, so that at any outcome, the amount of loss was the same and not large;
  • Forecasts should have a certain interval of outcomes in which it is possible to win two bets simultaneously or to partially win one of them;
  • To perform this task, it is necessary to find as many lines as possible from different bookmakers' offices, considering different options for combining bets and understand whether there is compliance with the requirements listed above.

Giving preference to the corridor, you should understand that the main thing is to find the very "gap" and make the right bet. And the greater the interval between them, the greater the chances of your victory.